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Each of our technicians recently took ASE certification tests. I recertified in 2 areas and I am a Master Technician. Greg passed his test and added brake certification. Adam passed 2 tests adding brakes and steering/suspension. Just another way that we continue to offer the best  auto repair service in Akron and Canton!

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Family Values

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At Innovative Autocare we are very family oriented. Jeff’s daughter TIerney is the service advisor at the Portage Lakes location. She has been working there full time since the spring of 2011. She had previously helped out anytime she was not in school. Adam is a longtime family friend who has worked at our Portage Lakes location for 5 years. Adam started out changing oil and tires. He has grown into a strong diagnostic and repair technician. Greg began working with us in 2007 and now runs the Canton location. It would be near impossible to keep the Canton store running without him.


If you are looking for a down home, personal feel come see us at Innovative Autocare. The best auto repair company in Akron and now Canton.


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What’s in a Price

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Some auto repair companies claim to be cheaper than us. Is that really true? We pride ourselves on quoting an exact price; that includes taking account of EPA disposal and shop supplies (these fees can be 7% of the bill, and by Ohio law the bill can increase by 10% over a written estimate. That’s a 17% increase between these 2 items!).

There have been more than a few times that we have lowered our profit margin or bought a part, at no cost for a customer, to stay true to our price quote (I don’t say estimate because it’s not how we do pricing). We may have to do this because we get incorrect information on parts or labor or maybe we find additional damage or corrosion when we remove a failed part. Yet we try to stand by …… ( more )

Female Customers

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The auto repair business used to be a “boy’s club”, and it seemed that men made most of the decisions about our vehicles. Yet these days women are becoming more involved with their cars, and making those decisions themselves.

One of our most important jobs here at Innovative is to educate our customers so that they can make the best decisions for their car. For our female customers it is doubly important, so that they have the knowledge to say no to old-school mechanics who would take advantage of them. When our customers have to travel or deal with other arenas in the auto world we want them to have the tools to get the best service.

Auto repair has always been predominately  composed of male employees, but one thing that makes Innovative Autocare unique is our female staff members. Our head service writer, Tierney, has …… ( more )

The Three Diagnostic Methods

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There is no omniscient diagnostic machine that you connect and instructs you on exactly what to repair. The closest thing to it is the technician. Using the scientific method they decide what type of testing is needed, review results and make logical conclusions based on research and test results.

1. Best guess method. The best guess method consists of hooking up a code reader, and reading the codes. Then the technician suggests a repair based on his previous experience. This type of service is usually free but has no guaranteed results. 2. Shotgun method. The shotgun method is similar to the best guess method. The shotgun method differs in that the technician usually recommends replacement of a numerous amount of parts related to the fault code. This type of service is usually free but has no guaranteed results. 3. …… ( more )