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24-Month/24,000-Mile Warranty

This Peace of Mind Warranty is Included

Innovative AutoCare is operating as a “no-contact” service. We can perform car-hop style service, or we can pick up your vehicle at your location, conduct service as agreed, then return the vehicle and sanitize it. Call us at 330-245-0865 to make an appointment.

Two Locations to Serve You!

Two locations to serve you ~ North (Portage Lakes) & South (Canton)

Drive with Peace of Mind ~ Innovative Autocare includes a 24-Month, 24,000-Mile Warranty

4901 South Main Street, Akron, OH 44319 >>> 330.245.0865

1330 Raff Road SW ~ Canton, OH 44710 >>> 330-479-9230

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Oil change time! You ready? Have everything?

Synthetic Oil Change at Innovative Autocare

Old school 3000-mile logic doesn’t hold true with the motor oils of today. It’s wasteful, not necessary, requires special disposal, and it can simply be a messy pain of a task!

> You're right. Let Innovative AutoCare handle it...

The Innovative AutoCare Synthetic Oil Change

A 10,000-mile Oil Change – More cost-effective, better for the environment

Mobil Synthetic Oil & NAPA Gold Filter – $60 (includes tax)

Lube, oil and filter change with up to six(6) quarts of Mobil Synthetic oil plus a NAPA Gold oil filter. This superior engine oil results in improved fuel economy while being better for your engine. Proven performance for over 30 years!

You can run Mobil Synthetic Oil for 10,000 miles between changes, or up to 15,000 miles with a NAPA Gold oil filter change at the midway point (7,500 miles).

No oil disposal or EPA fees. Conventional oil changes (at $25/each) would cost from $75 to $125. Good for your wallet, great for the environment.

Includes a free scratch off lottery ticket — while they last.

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